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Bringing the I to ISTE (that's International) in a fun, informal event!

Images from TeachMeet ISTE 2015 in Philadelphia..

The details:

  • Date: SUNDAY JUNE 25th
  • Time: Three teachmeets will run on Sunday 26th:
    • Session 1 block: 8.30am-10am
    • Time for networking, Q&A, break
    • Session 2 block: 10.30am-12.00pm
    • Lunch break
    • Session 3 block: 1.30pm-3pm
    • Time for networking, Q&A, break
  • Contact: Kyle, William or Liz
  • Resources from presenters and participants will be available via a link below.

Register to Attend!

  • Registration is FREE! Eventbrite - TeachMeet ISTE 2017

Schedule for the day

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What is a teachmeet?

A TeachMeet is a model of teacher-driven professional learning that harnesses the dynamic energy that naturally comes in a gathering of passionate teachers. By having a teacher as the host, the presenters drawn from the participants, short and sharp presentations and a clear focus on professional dialogue, TeachMeets allow teachers to voice their ideas in a supportive and fun environment, without the need to develop a keynote address -- or sit through one.

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Please note there are NO COMMERCIAL PRESENTATIONS at a teachmeet. Presentations are by teachers and for teachers. Exceptions are made only by the hosts.